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You'll be nailing them in no time!

The recommended and Yay approved top coats are:

✦ Sephora Brilliance Shine Top Coat 
✦ Revlon ColourStay Gel Diamond Topcoat
✦ Chanel Le Gel Coat 
✦ Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Step 2
✦  INM Out the Door Top Coat for Nails

These top coats have been tested and found to be not compatible:
✦ All "Quick Dry" Topcoat formulas
✦ Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat
✦ Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D Top Coat 
✦ The Face Shop - Repair Nails Quick Top Coat
✦ Essence Extreme Shine Top Coat 

✦ Seche Vite - All, especially Fast Dry Top Coat


We always recommend to test the topcoat compatability before application.
Should you find that there are any more topcoats other than the listings above that are not compatible with our wraps, please let us know below. You could get a 30% discount on your next purchase!

Tips for a Perfect Application (because we have done this hundreds of times):

✦ If you are in between sizes, always choose the smaller for a better fit. This is to prevent lifting on the wrap on the edges.
✦ When pasting, we like the wrap to touch the highest surface on the middle of the nail first.
Then use index and thumb to press down firmly on the sides.
✦ After pasting and before filing off the excess wrap, you may twist the excess wrap. This ensures a good stick around the edges. :)
✦ After application, you may, use heated air (ie: hair dryer) to melt the glue on the wrap for extra stickiness.
✦ Top coat can also be applied on the edges of your nail, this ensures the wrap is  fully sealed.
✦  BONUS Nail Hack: You could seal your nails with a NON quick dry top coat first, then use a quick dry top coat to seal everything together. Dries fast too!
✦  Try to avoid bathing, 3-4 hours after application.

Nail Health and Nail care:

✦ Our nail wraps are made breathable. However, if you feel that the wrap is constantly damp, we recommend to remove them and change a set. This is to prevent growth and accumulation of bacteria. It almost never happens though.